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Almost all of Chester Jefferies leather gloves are made from 16 individual pieces. This complex mode of manufacture is something undertaken by only a few glove makers and it is this feature that sets Chester Jefferies' gloves apart from the rest. By incorporating so many separate panels into the finger sections of the glove, free movement in all directions for the fingers is inbuilt, whilst reducing the stresses placed on the seams. This in turn ensures a more durable glove with a much longer lifetime than gloves that are not designed in this way.

To find your correct hand size from the size table below measure the circumference of your hands, excluding the thumb. You should measure your hands at the widest point which is usually just below the knuckles. When measuring keep your hands flat and do not clenche them into a fist.

Inches cm Size Inches cm Size
7 18.5 X-Small  6 14.5 X-Small 
7.5 19 Small 6.5 16 Small
8 21   7 17.5 Medium
8.5 22 Medium 7.5 18 Large
9 23.5   8 19 XL
9.5 24.5 Large 8.5 20 XXL 
10 26 XL      
10.5 27        
11 28.5 XXL       
11.5 29.5        

Ladies Sizing

Inches cm Size
6 14.5 X-Small 
6.5 16 Small
7 17.5 Medium
7.5 18 Large
8 19 XL
8.5 20 XXL 

Swipe the table data left or right to view all sizes

Men's Sizing

Inches cm Size
7 18.5 X-Small 
7.5 19 Small
8 21  
8.5 22 Medium
9 23.5  
9.5 24.5 Large
10 26 XL
10.5 27  
11 28.5 XXL 
11.5 29.5  

Swipe the table data left or right to view all sizes

Tracing around your hand

To trace around your hands lay your hand completely flat with your fingers and thumb spread out. The Hand should be relaxed and not stretched. Take a sharp pencil or pen (not a thick marker pen etc) and keep the pencil / pen at a slight angle towards the hand.


Measuring for Opera/Long evening gloves

To correctly measure the length of your Opera or Evening gloves, you should measure from your wrist bone just below the ball of the thumb up to your desired length. You will also need to measure the circumference of your arm at where the glove will end.

Please note that the maximum length we can produce is 22 inches from the wrist bone.

How to order bespoke gloves

Chester Jefferies understands that every hand is different which is why we offer our bespoke service to most of our styles. Whether you are just looking for that perfect fit or if you need something a little more specialized we can suit your needs. We charge a one off cost of £20 for your first bespoke order which will create patterns for your hands and will be kept on file for any future orders.

To order gloves using our bespoke service , simply pick one of the many styles available for bespoke sizing and select 'Add new measurements'. You will then be asked to enter your measurements (A - G) as shown in the video above. Please make sure all measurements are taken on the Palm Side of your hand, preferably in Inches but Centimetres is also accepted.

If you do not have the time to enter your measurements while ordering you can skip that step and still proceed with your bespoke order, the measurements can be entered at any time and £20 bespoke fee paid by visiting the 'My Account' page and selecting 'add my bespoke size'. You can also download our bespoke form below to help you. Remember to name your measurements so you can easily select them the next time you order your bespoke gloves. E.G. Chester Jefferies Hand.

You will now need to send your hand tracings or photocopies to us so we can check your measurements for any discrepancies and get a better understanding of your hand shape. We can only accept hand tracings/photocopies by post or email in PDF format, faxing the image can distort the actual size of your hand. If possible include a ruler scale by the side of your tracings when emailing so we can test the scale.

Download our bespoke Form

Please email hand tracings in PDF format to: [email protected]

Please post your hand tracings to:

Chester Jefferies Ltd,
Buckingham Road,