Our Gloves

The Chester Jefferies business has been built on the company's skills and experience in leather selection, cutting and sewing. Chester Jefferies gloves are made from the finest materials, carefully selected by the Master Glovemaker. Unlike the majority of gloves which are produced for today's market, Chester Jefferies gloves are made from leather skins which are individually inspected and prepared before being cut by hand.

It is this careful preparation and the traditional making methods used by the company's craftsmen/women which ensure the perfect fit and excellent wearing characteristics of our fine English gloves. A blend of these traditional making skills and the exercise of rigorous quality control procedures produces the finest of leather gloves to be found anywhere in the world.


General Gloving Terms

  •  TRANK - The main hand piece of the glove, front (palm) and back.
  •  THUMBS - Thumb pieces 
  •  FOURCHETTES - Narrow strips of leather in between the fingers, sometimes in a contrasting colour.
  •  QUIRKS - Diamond shaped pieces of leather at the base of the fingers which provide improved comfort and freedom of movement for the fingers.  Quirks are rarely used by other manufactures today. 
  •  WELT - Thin strip of leather bound over the top (wrist end) of the glove. 
  •  LINING - Inner glove or part-glove made from fabric, leather or other materials such as Wool, Cashmere, Fur, Lambswool, Fleece, Silk and Chamois leather. 

Types of Stitching

  •  HANDSEWN - Gloves made by hand, the leather is sewn edge to edge with both edges shown. Its takes on average an experienced maker 2 1/2 hours to sew a pair of gloves by hand. Each pair of handsewn gloves has approximately 2000 stitches. 
  •  PRIXSEAM - Machine stitched, leather stitched edge to edge (similar to handsewn) with both edges shown. 
  •  PIQUE - Machine Stitched, the edges of leather are overlapped so that only one edge shows. Best used for thinner leather where the glove needs to fit tightly. Typically ladies gloves. 
  •  INSEAM - Machine stitched, the glove is made inside out and then later turned so that no stitching or edges are visible. 
  •  WHIPSTITCH/BROSSER - Machine overstitched, the leather is stitched edge to edge but covered by overstitching so the edges do not show. 

Our Gloves