The Silvaire

The Silvaire

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A traditionally classic Pilots glove, The Silvaire is tasteful and stylish. It has extra length for warmth at the wrist and fits snugly with an elasticated wrist. Soft and comfortable but also a great hard-wearing glove. Available in many colours. The leather used for this glove is the finest available which enables great touch and feel.

Length from wrist - 4 1/2"

Made in England

Delivery Time: 4 - 6 Weeks

Touchscreen leather available

Price from £80.00

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The Silvaire — Gift Packaging / Storage Box: No Thankyou, Glove Colour: Cape: Navy, Standard Size: Mens 8.5" (MEDIUM)

I am a Hotair Balloon pilot and instructor. This is my second pair of flying gloves from CJ.The first pair were snaffled by one of the World Champion Balloon pilots in Saga Japan last year.
We need the length and suppleness to help us fly our balloons safely.

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The Silvaire — Glove Colour: Cape: Drab Olive, Standard Size: Mens 8.5" (MEDIUM), Touchscreen Palms (Optional): No Thanks

By far, the most comfortable and best fitting gloves I've ever flown with. My first pair lasted for three years of daily use in the cockpit, finally wearing out the leather in the fingers and thumbs. For my second pair, I requested Chester Jefferies reinforce the forefinger and thumb with an addition layer of leather. They're twice as durable, just as sensitive, and the craftsmanship is excellent.

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The Silvaire — Glove Colour: Cape: Drab Olive, Standard Size: Mens 7.5" (SMALL), Touchscreen Palms (Optional): No Thanks

Excellent quality but a bit over priced
From the previous ones Ive had