Image shown: Chamois leather
Image shown: Chamois leather
The Morning Dress
The Morning Dress
Image Shown - Cork Peccary
Image Shown - Cork Peccary

The Morning Dress

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This glove is a favourite at Chester Jefferies, Made from the finest of leathers it is the perfect accessory to wear with the morning suit. The glove is fully hand-sewn and hand cut , it features a large vent at the wrist with a button fastener for extra security and fit.

Approx. length from base of thumb to wrist end is 2 1/2"

  • Traditionally cut by hand
  • Hand stitched in England
  • 1 button fastener for a snug fit
  • Wrist finished with a leather welt

This glove is made with “Quirks” — Small diamond shaped pieces of leather sewn at the base of the fingers, where they are attached to the hand of the glove to improve the fit

Made in England

Delivery Time: 8 - 12 Weeks

Touchscreen leather available

Price from £86.00

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The Morning Dress — Bespoke Size: Add New Measurements, Glove Colour: Cape: Black, Lining: Black Silk, Standard Size: Custom/Bespoke, Touchscreen Palms (Optional): Black Capeskin Only

Bespoke order and a perfect fit. Will be ordering something new before winter!

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The Morning Dress — Glove Colour: Carpincho: Brown, Lining: Red Wool, Standard Size: Mens 8.5" (MEDIUM), Touchscreen Palms (Optional): Black Only

There are two details that disappoint me for my rating is four stars. First is that the only back side of the gloves made of Carpincho leather and the palm side is made of cape skin while cost of Carpincho leather is added as if the entire gloves were made of Carpincho leather. In addition, the cost of £10 is added for the Touchscreen option. I do not think it is fair to charge the full price of Carpincho leather option while only the back side is made of it. Paying an additional £10 does not make me feel better.
The second detail was an un-proportionally large button that I replaced any ways but should be there at the first place.
Otherwise, these are great gloves typical for Chester Jefferies brand name.

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The Morning Dress — Bespoke Size: Add New Measurements, Glove Colour: Cape: Frigate Grey, Lining: 100% Cashmere, Standard Size: Custom/Bespoke, Touchscreen Palms (Optional): No Thanks

A well fitting and elegant pair of gloves, which I wear with pride. Unfortunately, the first pair I received cut to my bespoke measurements were several sizes too small, but this was quickly remedied, and the replacements are excellent. As always, the leather and the craftsmanship in making them is first class, and I will undoubtedly be ordering more gloves in the future.