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Gift Vouchers

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Our Gift Vouchers are available in £10, £25, £50, £75, £100, £125 and £150 denominations. Simply choose the denomination you want and we will email you the Gift Voucher, for you to print out or forward to your friend or loved one.

    To redeem the voucher enter the code in the box at the bottom of your shopping basket. The value of the voucher will be saved to the customer account and automatically applied to orders at the checkout. Any remaining monies left will remain in your account and applied to your next order. This voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.

    Gift vouchers are only valid for 12 months after purchase. After this date the code will expire and the voucher cannot be redeemed. 

    7" 2.3" 3.1" 3.5" 3" 2.4" 2"
    7.5" 2.4" 3.3" 3.7" 3.2" 2.6" 2"
    8" 2.6" 3.3" 3.7" 3.3" 2.7" 2"
    8.5" 2.6" 3.4" 4.1" 3.3" 3" 2"
    9" 2.9" 3.6" 4.2" 3.4" 3.2" 2"
    9.5" 2.9" 3.5" 4.1" 3.5" 3.1" 2"
    10" 3" 3.6" 4.2" 3.6" 3.2" 2"
    10.5" 3.1" 3.7" 4.2" 3.6" 3.3" 2.1"

    Gift Vouchers are emailed to you upon purchase. 

    Please make sure to also check your spam folders.

    Each product has an estimated delivery time which includes construction time and shipping.

    All goods will be delivered to you within a realistic time frame, bearing in mind that most of the gloves are custom made to order.

    We cannot accept responsibility for unforeseen circumstances concerning couriers. In the unlikely event that your order is delayed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

    Delivery is subject to stock availability of required materials. If there is any problem regarding your choice of leather, colour, lining etc. Chester Jefferies Ltd will contact you as soon as possible, also notifying you of the earliest possible delivery date.